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Cleansing gel 2 in 1


Tube 200 ml
Pump bottle 500/750 ml

ACL 200 ml: 5204440 / EAN 200 ml: 3282779410168
ACL 500 ml: 6267177 / EAN 500 ml: 3282770145991
ACL 750 ml: 6267176 / EAN 750 ml: 3282770146004

PRIMALBA Cleansing Gel 2 in 1 gently cleanses both the body and hair of babies. This gel is formulated with a gentle cleansing base that doesn't harm the immature hydrolipidic film of the baby, as well as Rhealba® Oat Plantlet extract, which soothes the baby’s fragile skin. 

For 100% of mums; hair is supple and soft, skin is moisturised, immediately after use.*

*% Satisfaction level – Clinical study of 33 subjects aged 2 to 22 months

Creamy foam

Doesn't sting the eyes 

Easy to rinse off

Physiological pH

Tested under paediatric and dermatological control


For babies

Biodegradable formula according to the OECD 301B containing 87% ingredients of natural origin. 

No ingredient of animal origin. 

50% recycled material bottle

Can be applied to the body and hair.

How to apply?
Apply to wet skin, then rinse.

This product is for me if:

“I'm looking for a hygiene product for daily bathing that gently cleanses my baby’s fragile skin.”


Rhealba® Oat Plantlet extract → Softens and soothes the skin

Gentle cleansing base
→ Cleanses the skin without harming it

Fragrance designed especially for a baby's fragile skin 
→ Delicately fragranced

87% ingredients of natural origin
Biodegradable formula

Detailed Formula

The Pharmacist Says

“Is your baby's skin irritated? Think about using Dermalibour + Repairing Cream to promote skin repair.”

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