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Anti-scratching emollient spray


Capacity: 50ml/200ml
EAN: 3282770139198 / 3282770139181
ACL: 6225890 / 6225889

EXOMEGA CONTROL emollient spray is a natural express product for all dry and itchy skin.
One application a day is all it takes for immediate soothing and 48-hour* anti-scratching efficacy. 
This versatile emollient spray enables ultra-fast application on all areas of the body so you can get dressed in record time. 
This natural and eco-designed product can be used by the entire family and even infants.


The EXOMEGA CONTROL spray, like all our emollient care products with Rhealba® Oat Plantlets, has been listed in the new European dermatological recommendations for the management of atopic eczema: Emollient PLUS**

A natural, fragrance-free, gas-free spray. 

From birth, infant, children, adults

Areas of application
Face & body

How is it applied?
For use once a day on the face and body.
For body application, spray all over the body and spread until complete absorption.
For facial application, spray in your hand and then spread.

* Clinical tolerance and efficacy study conducted on 21 subjects. 1 application per day. 

** Recognized by the "European Dermatology Forum - Guidelines for Treatment of Atopic Eczema" (Atopic Dermatitis), 2018.


This product is for me if:

"I have dry skin and/or dry skin atopic eczema-prone skin, I’m looking for an express anti-scratching product"


Rhealba® Oat Plantlets Extract: soothing, anti-irritating
Filaxerin®+ Vitamin B3: recognized for their property facilitating the restoration of the skin barrier
Glycerin & triglycerides: hydrating, lipid-replenishing

97% ingredients of natural origin
0% fragrance, 0% silicon, 0% mineral oils
No animal ingredients

Detailed Formula

The Pharmacist Says

This emollient spray is just what you need for when you’re in a hurry, on the move, traveling or for after a workout. It's also a great playful product for children.

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