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Care Anti-redness


40 ml tube in a box

ACL 40 ml: 6267279
EAN 40 ml: 3282770146691

Skin prone to rosacea is a fragile skin that presents established or diffuse redness on the face. Developed to hydrate, rebalance and soothe fragile facial skin, BIOLOGY AR dermatological care anti-redness is a unique and innovative facial care product, both dermatological and certified organic. By combining Mandarin Extract with the BIOLOGY range’s flagship active ingredient, Organic Rhealba® Oat Sap*, BIOLOGY AR dermatological care anti-redness reduces and limits the reappearance of redness. It also immediately and lastingly soothes sensations of discomfort while providing 24-hour hydration** and anti-pollution protection thanks to the recognized properties of Dandelion Extract. This 99% natural origin anti-redness facial care product contains only the essential ingredients to ensure optimal tolerance. Tested on allergic skin, in combination with treatments and in vascular post-laser treatment***, its formula is fragrance-free, free from essential oils and is applied to the eye contour area and facial skin. Its fluid and fresh texture, non-comedogenic, can be used alone or mixed with BIOLOGY dermatological hydrating cream for a tailor-made texture.
Rhealba® Oat from organic farming.
Vegan Info: no ingredients of animal origin.

BIOLOGY dermatological care anti-redness does not contain any fragrance, is adapted to skin prone to rosacea and can be applied once or twice a day on the face alone or mixed with BIOLOGY hydrating cream or with your usual moisturizing cream (Mix & Match). 

Its light and fresh texture that penetrates quickly is ideal for soothing skin

Product tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control. Product tested in combination with treatments and in vascular post-laser treatment. Non-comedogenic. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

* HI Kinetics, 20 subjects, single application

** HI Kinetics, 22 subjects, single application

*** Superficial dermatological procedure



This product is for me if:

"My facial skin has temporary or permanent redness. I'm looking for a dermatological and certified organic skin care product that soothes and reduces redness."


Organic Rhealba® Oat Sap*: Rebalances and hydrates fragile skin

Dandelion axtract: known for its anti-pollution properties

Mandarin extract: soothes, reduces and limits the reappearance of redness

* 2 patents pending (active ingredient extraction and action)

Detailed Formula

The Pharmacist Says

"Your skin overreacts to exposure to harsh elements (wind, cold, stress, fatigue, inappropriate cosmetics, etc.) since it doesn’t know how to defend itself correctly. A specially adapted treatment that calms feelings of discomfort and heat every day".

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