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Hydra-protective shower gel

The Essentials

Tube 100/200 ml
Bottle 500 ml
Pump bottle 750 ml

ACL 100 ml: 6093000 / EAN 100 ml: 3282770202182
ACL 200 ml: 6033324 / EAN 200 ml: 3282770108668
ACL 500 ml: 6033326 / EAN 500 ml: 3282770108675
ACL 750ml: 6033327 / EAN 750ml: 3282770108682

A-DERMA Hydra-Protective Shower Gel is a daily hygiene product for the whole family (> 2 years) that gently cleanses, moisturises and protects fragile skin. It cares for your skin starting in the shower by leaving a protective film on the skin.

Suitable for child's fragile scalp.

Suitable for the skin of people participating in sports such as swimming (skin weakened by chlorine).

Creamy foam 

Easy to rinse off

Doesn't sting the eyes


Infants, Adolescents, Adults

Can be applied to the face, body and hair.

How to apply?
Apply to wet skin, then rinse.

This product is for me if:

“I deal with fragile skin every day. I’m looking for a gentle product that won't harm my skin and protects me from the shower on.”
Tube 200ml hydra


Rhealba® Oat extract → soothing, anti-irritating

Clean Care Complex™* -> gently cleanses, protective skin care

*gentle cleansing base + compensating agent

Detailed Formula

The Pharmacist Says

"Think about complementing with a suitable cream: XERA-MEGA CONFORT Nourishing Anti-Dryness Cream."

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